La Maison de Vélina

Wine workshops

We offer various workshops around the wine.

Introduction to wine tasting (approximate duration: 1:30, fee: 25€/person).

We propose this workshop to help you discover your taste and talk about wine. With a playful workshop, awaken your senses and acknowledge aromas and flavors using teaching tools.

Discovering of local products and grape varieties (approximate duration: 1:30, fee: 30€/person).

During this workshop, you will discover the different grape varieties of the Rhône Valley and understand the typicality of each wine while tasting an assortment of one grape variety wine.

Alliance Wine and Cheese (approximate duration: 1:30, fee: 35€/person).

In this workshop, you will enjoy an assortment of cheeses and discover unexpected alliances with regional wines.

Véronique & Didier